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Some helpful information to get you started


Product pricing and what we charge for our cheesecube


Learn about about how we handle billing and how you can manage your subscriptions.

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  • Purchases

    We offer one-time purchases at Cheesemix, not just subscriptions. To help you understand the difference of a one-time purchase vs subscription you can learn more here.

  • Promotions

    At Cheesemix we sometimes offer promotions to new or current customers. Here we explain how our promotions work.

  • Referrals & Rewards

    We have a great referral and rewards program that allows our members and their referrals the opportunity of receiving discounts on products or win giveaway prizes.

  • For Business

    Learn more about our for business employee perk schemes and business services from meetings to events

  • Events

    We sometimes host events or partner up with other great products. Even our community will host unofficial events to.

  • Returns & Cancellations

    Returns requests occur. Though we like to make sure that all our products are made or packed to the highest standards. There are occasions when something happens or a customer is not satisfied. Our customer happiness team is always there to help though.

  • Privacy & Cookies

    What platforms or analytics services we use to better understand our users and improve their experience.

  • Careers

    On occasions we have an exciting position pop up within the company. And we just love to meeting talented, skilled and driven people. Those who just want to grow and create new products. Learn how you might be able to work for us here.

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